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Connie by Parnash121 Connie :iconparnash121:Parnash121 38 2 Comm: Muuchi Alina by Parnash121 Comm: Muuchi Alina :iconparnash121:Parnash121 139 0 Comm: Alina x Muuchi Emerald by Parnash121 Comm: Alina x Muuchi Emerald :iconparnash121:Parnash121 98 1
Rise of a Hero CH 3-1
Chapter 3
A Sword to Smite Evil
Part 1
The Grand Opera
"So... this is Vingrath..." Will said, admiring the large city.
"Yep." Harken replied, "The main attraction is the opera house... The rich and famous come world-round to see it."
"And Lord Ernst is also one of those that visits it often." Elzam said, "We should be able to, at least, meet him after a play is over."
"Alright..." Will said. "Well... Since he probably won't believe us... And it's easier to get around with less people... I'll take Harken, Elzam, and Arigas with me... The rest of you, uh... I guess wait somewhere for us..."
"I'll take 'em to the Kurogane, lad." Ricard said, "Better than havin' us al spread out."
"Yeah... A good idea, Captain Ricard. We'll come back if we have any news." And with that, the four headed into the city. After wandering around aimlessly for a long time, they finally found it: The opera house.
"Wow..." Will said in awe, "It's... Like... a castle...!"
"Yes..." Elzam said with a smile. "Now, if w
:iconparnash121:Parnash121 0 0
Rise of a Hero Chapter 2-F
Part 3: The Dark and Holy Knights
Most of their travel was uneventful, a few monsters attacked, but nothing of note. On their second day of travel though, they saw a man in full black armor.
"... Are you William?" The man asked.
"... Right, and who are you to ask my name?" Will shot back.
"... I am Archibald."
"Well then, I am Will..." At this, Archibald pulled out a pitch black blade, and lowered into a unique battle stance: He stood sideways, his sword parallel to his face, his left arm held outwards, parallel to his sword. He then charged at Will and attacked! Will dodged by rolling to the side, and yelled,
"What the...!? Why are you...!?"
"... I was ordered to kill you..."
"By who!?"
"... That is confidental." Archibald replied, and charged at Will again! Will unleashed the Thunder Sword to parry the blow, and retaliated! The two exchanged blows, both at about equal skill... But, Will was able to land a hit on Archibald, slicing through the armor, and cutting his chest open!
:iconparnash121:Parnash121 0 1
Rise of a Hero Ch 2-2
Part 2: The Hunters
On his way back to the inn, Harken slowed down, and stopped, noticing something... it was too quiet. He quickly pulled out his guns and fired three times toward his left as he turned towards that direction.
"You missed." A voice called out.
"... But I did find all three of you." Harken replied with a smirk, "... Plus, I never miss. I meant to hit that wall and barrel right next to you."
"Hmph, Right." A second voice growled out, and from the shadows, three men came out. The first was tall and lanky, and had twin revolvers attached at his sides. He had pitch black hair, and his hands were tucked into his pockets. The second one was adverage height but looked strong. He had long brown hair, and had a spear strapped to his back. The third and final one was short and stout. He was bald, and had an eyepatch, and missing his left arm. But in his right hand was a huge pole-axe. All three of them were wearing matching black robes.
"You've dodged our eye for long enough, Har
:iconparnash121:Parnash121 1 0
Rise of a Hero Ch 2-1
Chapter 2:
The Dark and the Light
It had been many days since Will's home was sacked by the bandits. Will was meandering downcastedly through the forest, the Thunder Sword, his father's blade, dragging through the mud and the muck...
"It... was... all my fault..." Will muttered quietly, holding back tears. He trudged on disheartenedly, when suddenly, a strange monster jumped out, and bit Will! He quickly raised his blade and sliced the monster in half, and continued on for a bit more, until his legs have out suddenly, and he collapsed onto the ground...
Will awoke to find himself in a strange room. He rose up, and saw a girl looking at him, smiling softly. She had long golden hair, she wore a simple white and gold robe, and wore a small white and gold hat on her head. She looked
:iconparnash121:Parnash121 0 0
Glenn, the Paladin by Parnash121 Glenn, the Paladin :iconparnash121:Parnash121 2 1
Rise of a Hero Ch 1-F
Part 3: The Steel Armed Mercenary
It was a long and hard journey, but the group was almost to the town. They were at a cliff that overlooked the sea at this time... The beauty of the sunset was offset by the dark clouds rolling in...
"Almost there..." Will said to himself, when sudden, a metal object flew from above! Will quickly jumped to the side, and saw a figure standing infront of them!
"You... shall go no further." The man said.
"I must go!" Will cried back, "I must save them! I have no time for you!" The man was silent, then he said,
"Then make time... Some must be sacrificed so that others may live..." He grabbed his cloak and threw it off, revealing his arms. The left arm was in a black gauntlet, while his right arm was... mechanical... artifical, even. It looked powerful... and was connected where his shoulder should've been. It was made of steel, and in the sunlight, it gleamed a soft light...
"Huh... wait... That arm... it's... Z! Will! Stay back!" Alex yelled out, but it w
:iconparnash121:Parnash121 1 0
Harken by Parnash121 Harken :iconparnash121:Parnash121 0 11 Nali by Parnash121 Nali :iconparnash121:Parnash121 1 11 Space Battleship Alkandore by Parnash121 Space Battleship Alkandore :iconparnash121:Parnash121 1 8 Tina by Parnash121 Tina :iconparnash121:Parnash121 1 11 Gilgamesh by Parnash121 Gilgamesh :iconparnash121:Parnash121 0 12 Captain Ricard by Parnash121 Captain Ricard :iconparnash121:Parnash121 0 6 Arigas, Holy Knight by Parnash121 Arigas, Holy Knight :iconparnash121:Parnash121 1 10


[CM] Large Lovin' by SolitaryScribbles [CM] Large Lovin' :iconsolitaryscribbles:SolitaryScribbles 93 1 Chiisa Berry by Purrine Chiisa Berry :iconpurrine:Purrine 225 16 [CM] Chiharu's Surf by Purrine [CM] Chiharu's Surf :iconpurrine:Purrine 301 7 (dimme)rolls by dimmeroIIs
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(dimme)rolls :icondimmeroiis:dimmeroIIs 45 9
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